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Automatic file and folder synchronization made easy with FolderClone
Product Information
Compatible with Win 7, 8, and 10

A 'Set it and Forget it' synchronization solution for  Windows XP/2000/2003/Vista/Win 7,8,10

FolderClone Standard - easy back up solution for Windows 
  is designed for Windows XP/2003/Vista/7,8,10 - 32 & 64 bit, its purpose is to provide fast, flexible and easy backup, synchronization, replication, and mirroring of important files on most storage media. 

FolderClone is beneficial to individual users, small businesses (SOHO), and large corporations.  Individual users will find  FolderClone essential for backing up their data files and/or synchronizing their laptops to their desktops.  For large enterprises and small businesses alike, FolderClone is part of the network infrastructure needed to maintain high file availability, protect your files, and share files throughout your organization. 

FolderClone  arranges your synchronization needs in sets of "tasks".  A task is a set of specifications which tells FolderClone what files/folders you want to be copied, where you want them copied, and how often you want this done. Once configured, FolderClone compares the "source" folder against the "target" folder at the user defined time intervals. Changes or additions to the source folder are copied to the target folder.  Files and folders which exist on the target folder but not on the source folder are deleted. (Optionally, the deletion can be turned off). This process runs automatically in the background without any further user interaction required. 

FolderClone is not intended to backup complete systems.  Its primary use is to backup data files that would be irreplaceable should a disaster occur.

  • Key Features - standard
      • Easy to use,  Interface for simple creation and maintenance of synchronization tasks. 
      • Four file comparison methods: Date/Time, Size, Contents, and CRC32 
      • Uni-directional synchronization, replication, mirroring of data from Source folder to Target Folder 
      • One-to-many synchronization is supported.  One Source folder may be synchronized with multiple Target folders. 
      • Uses native operating system APIs for scanning directories and copying files for optimum performance. 
      • Assembly Language routines are also utilized for blazingly fast execution. 
      • File copy only occurs if target files are actually different than the matching source file, reducing file transfer requirements. 
      • Multiple Copy Options:  Including the ability to maintain the source file's create time stamp, and a Safe Copy option which ensures that the target file is not deleted unless the copy operation is successful. 
      • Four Delete Options: Delete Permanently, Send To Recycle Bin, Do Not Delete, and Secure Delete.  The Secure Delete option wipes the data from the disk so that the file can not be restored by an undelete utility.
      • Option to Include/Exclude Sub Folders 
      • Option to include "All Files and Folders" or "Only Selected Files and Folders" 
      • Loads at Windows Startup and resides in the System Tray 
      • Runs unattended in the background and checks folders at user defined intervals 
      • Interval options include: Manual, Every Few Minutes, Every Few Hours, Every Few Days, Only On Selected Days, First Day of Month, and Last Day of Month. 
      • Process Priority rules can be defined to allow control of CPU utilization during certain hours of the day. 
      • Can Ignore the FAT/NTFS time stamp issues of "2 second difference" and "daylight savings time difference"
      • All synchronization activity and errors are logged.  Or optionally, only errors are logged.
      • Log size limit can be determined by user 
      • Scheduled synchronizations can be paused 
      • In-Progress synchronizations can be canceled 
      • Folders can be compared and an HTML-formatted report generated 
      • Lists of synchronization "Tasks" can be Created/Loaded/Saved 
      • Batch execution of multiple synchronization tasks in a user specified order
      • UNC file path names supported 
      • International date format support
      • Password protection is available for Administrators
      • Very easy to use 
      • Extremely cost effective
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    FolderClone Professional - easy, reliable, flexible backupFolderClone Professional Edition  - includes all of the capabilities of FolderClone Standard Edition as well as these additional features:

    • E-mail Notifications
    Administrators can be notified when a task begin, ends, or is canceled.  E-mail notifications can also be sent when errors occur.
    No Email client is required. Requires the use of an SMTP (outgoing mail) server, everything else is built in. 

    • Run a task when first connecting to network
    Laptop users can come into the  office, dock their computers, and automatically backup their laptop data to  another machine on the network.  FolderClone Pro will determine when a valid  connection exists between the source and target computers and will initiate a  task at that time.  No user involvement is required.
    • Copy Open/Locked/In-Use Files

    With FolderClone Professional's Open File Manager, there is no need to close applications during a backup.  Most open, locked, and in-use files can be copied.   SQL Server database files, Access databases, MS Word documents, Excel spreadsheets, and most system files can be copied with ease.  (Outlook PST  files are not currently supported)  Files must be on local computer and user must have administrator privileges.  Requires: Windows XP/2000/2003/Vista/Win7
    • Define Custom Log File Size
    Rather than being required to choose from a list of preset maximum Log sizes, a custom size may be defined.
    • Copy NTFS Security Attributes
    When copying files between NTFS drives, security information such as file ownership and access privileges can be copied along with the file to the destination folder.
    • Application option settings can be overridden for each individual task
    Options are ordinarily set at the application level and are global to all tasks.  So, for example, if you choose the 'Do Not Delete' option, this rule is applied when running all tasks.   FolderClone Professional gives you the ability to customize most options on an individual task level.
    • Scheduling option allows for FolderClone Pro to "Run On Windows Startup"
    Tasks can be scheduled to run when Windows is started up.  FolderClone must be set up to startup with Windows for this to work properly.
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