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Will FolderClone run on Windows 8 or 10?
A.  Yes, FolderMatch is compatible with Windows 8 & 10.

. FolderClone does not launch when I double-click on its icon. 

A.   The most likely cause for this problem is that another software is preventing FolderClone from launching. To test if this is the case, reboot Windows into safe mode and try to reproduce this problem.

If the error occurs while in Safe Mode, reinstall FolderClone.  That should correct the problem.

If the problem does not occur when you are in Safe Mode, that indicates that there is a conflict with some other software that is on your machine. Starting in Safe Mode launches only Windows and none of the other many background processes that are on your computer. Most of the background processes are loaded without your knowledge/permission. They can slow down your machine, eat up RAM, and cause conflicts with other software. You'll want to use a Startup Manager like the System Configuration tool that comes with Windows to take a look at your startup items to discover which one is causing the problem for you.

To use the System Configuration tool:

Run C:\Windows\System32\msconfig.exe

Use the startup manager to selectively turn off startup software, then reboot. Continue to do this until the problem disappears. When the problem disappears you will have found the offending software. (We've found that in practice it is quicker to disable multiple startup items at a time rather than just doing one-at-a time.)

The most common culprits are firewall and anti virus type software. The good news is that most can be configured to allow FolderClone to run. Please check with the manufacturer of the software for instructions on how to go about doing this.

. FolderClone is "Already Running" message.

A.  The "FolderClone is already running" message means simply that - FolderClone is already running.    It may be running because it started up with Windows automatically, or because you launched it from the 'Start Menu'.

FolderClone runs in the background at all times so that your scheduled tasks can be run at the times that you have specified.  Therefore it does not need to be re-launched from the START menu.

If you need to access the program to add or edit a task, double click on the white sheep icon in your system tray and the main FolderClone window will appear for you.


. Will FolderClone work with the Files on Android Phone?
A. Not natively since the Android OS requires a protocol which FolderClone does not support. But users have reported that it can be done with the use of a third-party Android app.  Note that our ability to assist you with this process will be limited however to simply passing along the information shared with us.

1.  Download & install the Android App “Webdav Server” using this link:

2.  Map a letter to your Android phone's drive using these instructions:

Now you can use the drive letter in FolderClone as one of the two folders.

Q. Will FolderClone work with the files on my iPhone/iPad/iPod? 

A. Not natively but it can be done with the use of third-party software.  One such software which we’ve tested and verified is iExplorer by Macroplant.  Note that our ability to assist you with this process will be limited however since iExplorer is not our software.

1.   Download and install iExplorer on your Windows PC using this link:

2.   Follow the instructions on this page to mount a directory on your iPhone/iPad/iPod to your PC.

Now you can use the drive letter in FolderClone as one of the two folders.

"Source File is not local" error.

AFolderClone uses a proprietary low level driver to copy locked files. The driver must be on the same drive that FC is running on and that the file is on in order for it to be able to take control over your in-use file. Any file on a different drive are not considered "local"by FolderClone - tha os why you are receiving this message."

You can turn off the Locked File Manager and that will prevent these errors from happening.

To turn this off for all tasks: Go to the Options Menu on the main window and remove the check mark from the Copy In-Use/Locked Files option. To turn this off for a specific task: Go to the Task Properties window for this task Go to the Options tab Override the Application Level options Remove the check mark from the Copy In-Use/Locked Files option.

Q. Can FolderClone write directly to a CD-R or CD-RW?
A.  FolderClone can copy files directly to a CD-R or CD-RW disk.

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. After using it for a few weeks I need to make a decision to go with FolderMatch or FolderClone.  I just can't use both...can I?

A.Why can't you use both? We do.  Some synchronization tasks can be automated and don't require any user feedback.  FolderClone is perfect for these. Another reason to use FolderClone is that it never forgets to sync the folders.  Your important files are always backed up to second location.  With FolderMatch you need to have the discipline to remember to sync the folders.  Some sync jobs require manual intervention and human decision making.  In those instances, FolderMatch is required.  It really depends on your situation and preferences....  Quite a few of our users do use both, therefore we have begun offering a special discount when you purchase both.

How is  FolderClone different than FolderMatch?

A. FolderClone is similar to FolderMatch in that it is a folder synchronizer. But there are important differences in features and how they handle the job...

FolderClone arranges your synchronization needs in sets of "clone tasks".  A task is a set of specifications which tells FolderClone  what files/folders you want to be copied, where you want them copied, and how often you want this done. Once configured, FolderClone compares the "source" folder against the "target" folder at the user-defined time intervals. Changes or additions to the source folder are copied to the target folder.  Files and folders which exist on the target folder but not on the source folder are deleted. (Optionally, the deletion can be turned off) This process runs automatically in the background without any further user-interaction required. 

FolderClone's 'set it and forget it' functioning means that after you set up a clone task the first time, it will be performed automatically at predefined intervals.  Your important files will always be backed up to another location.  Your folder trees will always remain synced.

Some synchronization tasks can be automated and don't require any user feedback.  FolderClone is perfect for these. Another reason to use FolderClone is that it never forgets to sync the folders.  Your important files are always backed up to a second location.  With FolderMatch you need to have the discipline to remember to sync the folders.  Some sync jobs require manual intervention and human decision making.  In those instances, FolderMatch is required. 

FolderMatch is a very "hands-on" process, while FolderClone is a very "hands-off" process.  Depending on your individual needs,  FolderClone might be a welcome utility to assist you with your synchronization needs.  Here, at Salty Brine Software, we use both  tools. 

Q. What telephone number can I call to get support?
A. We do not offer phone support for our products.  Usually we respond very quickly to email messages. Using email allows us more time to research your problem and respond more correctly with more detail than we would be able to do by telephone. And it permits us to more efficiently answer your questions.  It also enables us to continue to sell our software at the lowest possible prices.  Please use our support portal.

Q. I get an "Access to Registry is Denied" error every time I startup FolderClone.  Why am I getting this and how do I resolve it?

A. FolderClone stores registration information in the System Registry.  Therefore, all users who will be logging into a computer and running FolderClone need to have permission to read and write to the System Registry. 

. Do you plan on making a version of FolderClone that is bi-directional? 
A. That is not currently planned. However, other users have been asking for this feature as well so there might be a change made on this position.  We have another product called FolderMatch which does support true bi-directional synchronization.  You can find out more about it at The big difference between the two programs is that FolderClone is an automated, hands-off process while FolderMatch is a very manual, interactive, hands-on tool. 

Having said that, FolderClone can be manipulated to function in a bi-directional manner.  You will need to create two tasks - each one a duplicate of the other in all regards except that the Source and Target folder paths are reversed.  You must also select these two options:  'Do Not Delete', and 'Copy Only If Source Is Newer than Target'.  This configuration of two mirrored tasks will ensure that any newly added files will be copied to the other folder and also that all changed files will be copied.
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Why does FolderClone appear to lock up when running certain tasks?
A. Are you certain that the program is locked?  It may appear to be non-responsive for a few minutes, but generally will resume if allowed to continue.  The 'Not Responding' status in Task Manager does not always indicate that the program is locked - sometimes the program's status will change.  This is especially true of programs developed using Microsoft's Visual Basic.  Visual Basic does not create multi-threaded applications.  This means that VB apps can only do one thing at a time.  If the task at hand is a large one or there is a bottleneck in the system somewhere, the program can appear to be locked.  The vast majority of the time, it is not locked and becomes responsive again if allowed to continue. Here are some questions to answer:

1) Does this occur when you run any task, or only with certain tasks?

2)  Are you certain that FolderClone is locking up?  What about if you allow it run for awhile.  Does program response return eventually?

3) Do you have any other background processes running which could be slowing things down?

4) How much available hard disk space do you have?

5) Make sure to empty your Recycle Bin.  A full recycle bin can drastically slow down FolderClone when it tries to delete files.

. Can I run FolderClone on a server? 

A Yes, FolderClone can be run on a server.  As a matter of fact we have many users that are using  it this way.  The only limitation that you should be aware of is that FolderClone runs as an application, not a service.  What that means is that the server must be logged on to in order for FolderClone to run a schedule task. If this is an issue for you, you can always use third-party software such as ServiceMill to allow FolderClone to run as an NT Service.

Please note that the licensing costs for running FolderClone on your server are different than the standard licensing costs.  Please make sure that you purchase a server license, if this is how you intend on using FolderClone. 

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Q. Must FolderClone be installed on the machine that is the "source" for the replication?

A. It does not matter where FolderClone is installed, as long as both Source and Target folders can be accessed by FolderClone.  An easy way to test if the configuration will work is to substitute Windows Explorer for FolderClone.

Run Windows Explorer on the machine where you plan to install FolderClone and perform these three tests:
1) Can you see both the Source and Target folder from Explorer?
2) Can you copy files from the Source to the Target folder using Explorer?
3) Can you delete files from the Target folder using Explorer?

If the answer to these three questions is "Yes", then FolderClone will work in your planned configuration.

.  Can I use FolderClone to copy an entire hard drive?
AFolderClone is not intended to backup complete systems, its primary use is to backup data files that would be irreplaceable should a disaster occur. 

. Help! FolderClone has deleted some files from the Target folder which I needed.  What can I do?
AFolderClone is a powerful tool whose function is to make the Target Folder identical to the Source Folder.  If this means that files/folders need to be deleted from the Target, then this will be done.  Version 1.2.2 added a 'Do Not Delete Orphans' feature to the Options menu for those of you who need such a feature. In version 1.3.2  the default delete method was changed to "Send To Recycle Bin" .  Check  the recycle bin for your files and attempt to restore the files using the recycle bin's built in Restore function.

That having been said, if you are using an older version,  you should be able to undelete most of your files using an undelete utility.  We recommend Restorer2000.  A free demo of this program can be obtained from Q FolderClone does not seem to be running the scheduled tasks at the exact time I programmed them to. Why the discrepancy?  
A. There are several factors that could cause this to occur:

FolderClone won't run a scheduled task while the main FolderClone window is open.  It only runs when the main FolderClone window is minimized or closed.  This is done to prevent a task from being run while it is being modified.  Only manual execution of tasks is permitted while the main FolderClone window is open.

FolderClone uses a technology called a "timer" to run scheduled tasks.  Timers are given a very low priority by the Windows operating system .  Timer events will only "fire" if  Windows allows them to.  Windows will only fire a timer event if no process of greater priority is currently running.  So, if you are executing other programs which are demanding the attention of Windows, the FolderClone scheduling timer may not run at the precise moment that you requested.

FolderClone is not a multi-threaded application - only one clone task may be running at a given point in time.  If a clone task is running, a second scheduled task will not run until the first is finished.  If you are are working with large amounts of data which take a long time to clone, this may interrupt other scheduled tasks from running.  Try spacing out your clone tasks in such a way where they will not interfere with one another.

. What do the graphics next to each task represent? 
  •  clone task This is the normal graphic used to represent a clone task
  • Next task to be run This graphic indicates that this task is the next scheduled task to be run.
  • error notification This graphic indicates that an error occurred the last time that this task was run.  The exact error which occurred will be contained in the Log File 
  • Next error This graphic is a combination of the last two.  This task is the next one which is scheduled to be run and an error occurred last time that this task was run.

Can FolderClone backup my Outlook personal folders (.pst) file?
A. Your personal folders file contains all of your local Outlook folders, such as Calendar, In box, Tasks, Sent Items, Outbox, Deleted Items, and user-created folders. To automatically back up these folders, create a backup of your .pst files. 

FolderClone can be used to automatically copy all  .PST files to another folder at scheduled times. Outlook must be shutdown before copying the .PST file. 

.How do I Restore from FolderClone?
A. You must have version 1.3.6 or higher to restore your source files using FolderClone.

1)  On the main FolderClone window, select the Task for which you want to restore Source files.

2) Select the 'Restore Source From Target' menu option.

3) The Restore Window appears.  Place a check mark next to the files/folders which you want restored, then press the Restore button


Q.What do you charge for upgrades and how will I be notified?
A. Most upgrades will be free!  Some will cost a small amount.  Generally speaking, major upgrades will require a small upgrade fee while minor upgrades will be free.  But there could be exceptions to this rule depending on the amount of work that goes into a particular version.

We will add your name to our mailing lists and we will notify you via email when a new version is released.  We try to be careful with email notifications.  We don't want to be accused of spamming anyone!  Our informal policy is to notify users of major defects and when major upgrades are available.  We don't normally notify users for every minor upgrade.  We are always improving our software and so we put out many updates.  It could get a little annoying hearing from us or each and everyone one of these.  Your best bet is to check the site every 2-3 months for minor upgrades. 

.What languages does FolderClone work with?
A.  FolderClone works with a variety of languages, including English, French, Spanish, Italian, Portuguese, German, Russian, Chinese, Japanese, and others.  However, the FolderClone software is currently only available in English, so you'll need to be able to understand English to use the software.

Working with files and folders whose names use a different character set than the one you use to display menus and other text in Windows may require you to change your system locale first.  For example, if you use Windows in English, but want to compare folders with Russian names, you might need to change your system locale to Russian.  (Note that this will not be necessary with version 3 of FolderClone which is currently under development.

Changing System Locale In Vista & Windows 7/8/9

Changing your system locale can sometimes let you work with files and folders whose names are in a different language from the one that you use Windows in.  FolderClone is tested in English, and we can't guarantee that it will work in all other languages, but this will often help.  Here's what you can do.

Note: This procedure may require you to have an administrator password for your computer.  You may not be able to complete these instructions on a computer that you do not own.

1)  Click the Start button then select Control Panel

2) Click Clock, Language, and Region, then choose Regional and Language Options.

3) In the Regional and Language Options control panel click the Administrative tab.

  • If you don't see an Administrative tab, you might not be able to change the system locale.  Contact a system administrator, or log in as a user with administrative privileges.

4) Click Change system locale.  You may be warned that this procedure requires administrative privileges; if so, click Allow.

5) From the list, choose the locale that best matches the language used in the file and folder names you want to work with.  Then, click OK. 

6) You'll be asked to restart your computer.  Click Restart now.

Note: This change will affect all of your Windows programs.  You may want to change your locale back when you're finished.

In case that doesn't work: If none of the above helped, we may not be able to help you work with the files and sub-folder names that are  in the language you want.  However, the above instructions should work for most people.


FolderClone is not intended to backup complete systems.  Its primary use is to backup data files that would be irreplaceable should a disaster occur.
Your Privacy is important to us!  When you visit and navigate our sites and when you communicate with us via our website, we will not collect personal information about you unless you provide us that information voluntarily. If you provide personal information to us voluntarily via our website, we will not sell, or license  that information outside of  Salty Brine Software.  More complete information is available here.
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