FolderClone the set it and forget it, automated backup solution for Windows

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  Compatible with Win 7, 8, and 10

Automated file replication What's New - Version History for FolderClone

A 'Set it and Forget it' synchronization solution for  XP/2003/Vista/7,8,10 - 32 & 64 bit

Version Release Date
2.1.1 02/18/15
  • IMROVED:  Added line numbers to error messages
  • FIXED: Removed resource string calls
  • UPDATED: Latest SmartUI third party library
  • File existence check error handling on unexpected Windows API errors was returning the incorrect error number and description 
  • Fixed - Empty sub folders were not being deleted when file exclusion masks were used
  • Fixed - Content comparison has been fixed and sped up
  • Fixed -  fast copy of HUGE (>4GB) files
  • Fixed - Overflow error in CRC32 calculation
  • Fixed - Binary comparison results incorrect then differences are towards end of file
  • Fixed - Manifest file permission level changed to 'asInvoker' to allow auto-startup with Windows
  • Fixed - Added better error handling to modAPIReadWriteFile.ReadStringFromFile to handle 'Out of Memory' error in when clone.log file grew very large (hundreds of megabytes)
    Fixed - Compare Folders now uses the task level comparison method [PRO Only]
  • Changed - Prepare for to changeover
  • Fixed bug where selected files/folders were not showing checkmark on Select Files window
  • Numerous changes and fixes to the File/Folder Analysis tool
  • Corrected problem when dialog window is open, FC not in the Alt-Tab list
  • Include/Exclude File Mask lists are now sorted
  • Added ability to filter Log entries by Task
  • Sped up load time of Log contents
  • Custom file masks field now allows for multiple semi-comma delimited file masks on one line
  • Fixed bug where Differences Report was failing in the case of multiple target folders
  • Added Target folder information to Confirm Changes details in the case of multiple target folders
  • Added Common File Types functionality to Select Files window
  • Sped up loading of file types in folder list
  • Corrected problem when Select File Types window was closed before list  was done loading
  • Updated several OCX/DLLs with the latest Visual Basic 6.0 Service Pack 6 Runtime Extended Files
  • Added a New Task Wizard to walk user thru the creation of a new task
  • Removed the Microsoft Scripting Library v5.6 installation from our install
  • Added some error details to the error notification email [PRO ONLY]
  • Added Post Task Actions (Shutdown/Logoff Windows, Reboot/Poweroff Computer) [PRO ONLY]
  • Changed how Log data is saved to disk.  This should correct various issues having to do Unicode data and with large amounts of data being written to the Log.
  • Added the ability to change SMTP Port for email notifications
  • Improved 
  • Added a secondary folder permission checking method to ensure valid result
  • Added additional error handling for folder permission errors
  • Modified folder enumeration routine to allow paths longer than 260 characters in length to be scanned
  • Modified folder enumeration routine to allow UNICODE path names
  • Improved folder enumeration routine performance by 200-300%!.
  • Fixed bug where an excluded folder's contents were being deleted from the Target folder  
  • Fixed bug where folders whose names began with a dot character were not being processed
  • Fixed bug where Daylight Savings Time (DST) differences were not being ignored when DST ended
  • Added option to turn off the Folder permission check before clone.
  • Resolved some "Object is Nothing' type errors in the cSBSFolder class
  • Fixed GetParentFolderPath() problem with UNC paths.
  • Switched from ANSI to Unicode version of GetFileAttributes API function in the FolderExists routine.
  • Fixed defect where Ignore System/Hidden files and Last Modified Date filter was causing other files to be missed.  
  • Fixed defect in Confirm Changes window with wrong file operations being listed on wrong pages of display.  (Happens only with over 10k file operations and Exclusions.)
  • Changed the number of file operations that are displayed at one time on the Confirm Changes windows to 5000
  • Fixed defect where a task prematurely aborted when the user did not have permission to read from a subfolder
  • Numerous performance enhancements
  • Resolved shutdown crash
  • Changed various graphics to more modern Vista style
  • Added Task Name to Folder Differences report
  • Changed location where registration information is written to and read from for Vista compatibility
  • Removed 'Run FolderClone' option at  end of install on MS Vista.  When launched from installer, it runs as Admin
  • Start Time of tasks is now randomized rather than always defaulting to 12 PM
  • Last Run and Next Run date/time information has been added to Task Properties window
  • Added a new scheduling option: Run Once Daily When Computer is Idle for 'x' minutes
  • Optimized and minimized memory usage requirements
  • Corrected thread handle leak
  • Confirmation window now loads only 10,00 file operations at a time
  • Added functionality ot Confirmation Window:  Open File/Folder and View File Differences
  • Added functionality to test if a folder is a  Junction Point.  Junction Points will not be cloned
  • Fixed minor problems with scheduler
  • Resolved WinXP registration issue
  • Resolved Object error on startup
  • Resolved missing System Tray icon on Windows Explorer crash
  • Various other changes for Vista readiness

  • Resolved email notification problem when server requires authentication (Pro Only)
  • Added new feature:  View File Differences (Pro Only)
  • Added new feature:  Copy Only Source Files Newer Than (Pro Only)
  • Fixed Secure Delete problem with Read Only files.
  • New installer being used to install program.
  • Converted help documentation to HTML help format.
  • Added scheduling option of "Run On Windows Startup" (PRO Only)


  • Strengthened the "Secure Delete" method
  • Updated third party library Stamin32.dll
  • Changed the look and feel of the buttons used in the application and added explanatory text to their tool tips.
  • Changed location of application INI file to the user's Application Data folder.
  • Changed location of task list files (FCT files) to the user's Application Data folder.
  • Changed location of Log file (clone.log) to the user's Application Data folder.
  • Added feature to create a duplicate of a selected task but with Source and Target folders reversed.
  • 'Copy Locked Files' option is now ON by default (PRO Only)
  • Improved Locked File Manager detection of non local file (PRO Only)
  • Added ability to define custom Max. Log Size (PRO Only)
  • Added ability to override application option settings per each individual task (PRO Only)
  • Added a new file copy method which copies NTFS Security Attributes (PRO Only)
  • Product price increase.  Reflected in nag screens and help documentation.
  • Corrected problem of task list corruption when task names contain square brackets.
  • Corrected Delete Error 6 "Invalid Handle" issue.
  • Date/time displays throughout the application are now displayed using locale settings.
  • Corrected various problems due to different regional date/time settings.
  • Corrected System/Hidden Folder problem when cloning root folders of NTFS drives.
  • Corrected problem with 'Every Few Days' frequency where "Next Clone Date/Time" was incorrect.
  • Corrected problem of missing graphics in differences report.
  • Added "Compare Folders" to Toolbar

  • E-mail notification added (PRO version)
  • Ability to run task when connection to remote computer becomes available. (PRO version)
  • Locked File Manager added to allow copying of local in-use files. (PRO version) 


  •  Ignore Daylight Savings Time setting now defaults to True
  • Can be registered even on machines where user does not have rights to System Registry
  • Resolved Type Mismatch error during loading of task list in some non-US locales.
  • Resolved Overflow error during loading of task list in some non-US locales.
1.5.6 10/19/05
  • Resolved Type Mismatch error during loading of task list.
1.5.5 10/13/05
  • Fixed Overflow error that occurs when loading some non-English task list files (Comma problem).
  • Added progress indicators to Save and Load Task List file functions.
  • Changed how task list is saved to lower possibility of tasks being deleted.
  • Task next run and last run dates are immediately saved to FCT file when they change.
  • Task List save to disk time has been drastically sped up.
  • Various enhancements to folder existence checking routine
  • New VB service pack 6 redistributable system files and common controls
  • Various small bug fixes
  • All file existence checking errors will now be written to the Log file rather than displayed on screen
  • Added option to allow Log file to grow without restrictions on its size
  • Folders can be now be dragged and dropped into the Target folders list
  • Added a File menu to Log window to allow menu access for all of the Log window functions.
  • Invalid Start Time errors in Task Properties window are now handled more graciously.
  • Resolved crash that occurs sometimes when entering password
  • Fixed some other Type Mismatch errors when loading FCT file with funky date values
  • Made changes to error handler in file existence checking routine
  • Added ability to turn off Password Protection in Set Password dialog window
  • Made some cosmetic changes to the Log window
  • Log window can now be resized
  • Added ability to select multiple file types at one time in the New File Types window
  • New toolbar and icons
  • Added Cancel task functionality to Status Bar
  • Resolved 'The data is invalid' error messages in FileExists routine.
  • Application will no longer appear minimized in the toolbar at startup during the trial period.  It will only show in the System Tray.
  • Added ability for administrators to password protect FolderClone's settings.
  • Task lists are now saved in the order that they appear in the Task List window.
  • Added the ability to group tasks into Categories. 
  • Added the ability to run all tasks in a selected Category.
  • Resolved problem where removable drives could not be removed after being scanned by FC
  • Closing of Confirm Sync Actions window using the X button now cancels the clone.
  • Closing of Order Tasks window using the X button now cancels the clone.
  • Improved the perceived closing speed of the Log window.
  • Fixed lockup (endless loop) that occurs after a Permissions Denied error (#76) on a sub folder.
  • Fixed problem with folder existence test failure when file with same name exists.
  • Fixed bug where Do Not Delete option was sometimes ignored.
  • Fixed Error 91 in cCloneTask.SetFormStateAtCloneBegin
  • Added horizontal scroll bar to list of target folders in Task Properties window.
  • Added two other task frequency options - Run on First of the Month and Run on the Last of the Month
  • Fixed problem when flash memory stick was not inserted and no reminder was being shown.
  • Fixed scheduler problem when Start Time was set to 12:00 AM and Next Run time would show no time.
  • Fixed scheduler problem with Every Few Days method where the Next Run Time was automatically setting to tomorrow rather than today.
  • Fixed bug where list of Exclusions was being cleared
  • "Access To Registry Denied" error is now handled more gracefully
  • Added file name information to errors that occur in the FileExists routine.
  • Changed how date/time information is stored in the FCT files to reduce chance of errors in different locales
  • Fixed defect with Include File Masks which cause a Create Folder file operation to be listed more than once
  • Added the ability to Exclude specific files from a clone operation
  • Improved how task information was being saved to files.
  • Gracefully handle error when user sorts on a "hidden" column
  • Restore window now allows root folder to be selected
  • Fixed problem of task not running when System or Hidden folder was chosen as Source/Target folder
  • Changed the wording of some of the Log entries to make them clearer
  • Fixed problem of task not running when System or Hidden folder was chosen as Source/Target folder
  •  Ignore System Folders option defaults to False now on a new install
  • Changed icons used in Main window display
  • Registration menu now remains visible at all times
  • Fixed error that occurred when using Include File Masks
  • Fixed error that occurred when copying only one specific file and that one file contained a comma in it.
  • Improved error messages in HTML Report feature.
  • Changed Toolbar icons and color
  • Now adding an informational entry to the Log when a folder is ignored because it is System or Hidden.
  • Added the ability to Ignore Hidden/System files
  • Toolbar now grays out while a task is running
  • Added commands to the System Tray menu - 'Run Task', 'Run All Tasks', and 'Stop Currently Running Task'
  • Added a 'DO NOT RUN' Priority Rule so that user can instruct FC to not run during certain times of the day.
  • FTC file is now automatically backed up to a .BAK file on shut down
  • Cause of "Path Not Found" error is now logged and no dialog box appears.
  • Are now trapping the cause of the Permission Denied error and logging the information.  The clone is not aborted.
  • Added a Confirm Synchronization window that shows all of the file operations to be performed before they are made.
  • Are now logging temp file spec errors that occur in SafeCopy routine.  The clone is not aborted.
  • Added the ability to ignore System and Hidden folders.
  • Replaced fldmatch.dll with sbcommon.dll
  • Changed behavior where clone aborts if one of several target folders is invalid.  Error will now be logged and task will continue.
  •  Fixed Defect: Clone was not working when 'Include Sub Folders' option was not checked off.
  • Replaced DxReadDirectory with FSO.GetSubFolders to correct the Get SubFolders Error where every file was being treated as a folder.
  • Recoded the Clone routine without using recursion to lighten load on stack memory.
  • Fixed two task renaming defects.
  • Fixed Defect where task would show as Next even after Frequency had been changed to Manual.
  • Recoded the Clone routine to address the crashes that some users are seeing. 
  • Increased the maximum INI file line that can be read into program.
  • FC can now be setup to 'Run at Windows Startup' only when a particular user logs on.
  • Enhanced the input validations on the Task Properties window to prevent the user from entering bad values
  • Progress indicators have been added.
1.4.0 beta
  • Recoded the Clone routine to address the crashes that some users are seeing. 
  • Increased the maximum INI file line that can be read into program.
  • FC can now be setup to 'Run at Windows Startup' only when a particular user logs on.
  • Enhanced the input validations on the Task Properties window to prevent the user from entering bad values.
  • Progress indicators have been added.
  • Sped up the loading of the several windows using the LockWindowUpdate API
  • Fixed problem with Paused text when the main windows was resized.
  • Fixed problem with toolbar image alignments when viewed in a Large Font display.
  • Fixed Application Error occurring on a few users' systems.
  • Changed where registration information is stored to allow multiple users to use FC on one machine.
  • Freed up some memory used by internal arrays.
  • Added "Restore" feature which restores Source files/folders from the Target.
  • Added the "Copy Only If Source File is Newer than Target file" option
  • Registered File types list is now sorted on File Mask window. 
  • Fixed memory leak in Select Files window.
  • Fixed white coloration in toolbar when display is Large Font
1.3.5 05/09/02
  • Redesigned the Log file feature.  All changes are 'under-the-hood' changes and will not be apparent from the user perspective. These changes will greatly lessen the RAM requirements of FolderClone and will eliminate various memory errors.
  • Corrected/Improved some code routines
  • Changed wording of initial use Delete Orphans warning message.
  • Fixed Defect: Delete errors were being logged incorrectly.
  • Fixed WinXP defect with Min/Max/Restore buttons.
  •  Removed coloration of form title area.
  • Added Secure Delete to deletion options.  This method of deletion overwrites the file's contents before deleting it.
  • Fixed Defect - Clone was failing with a "The system cannot find the path specified." error when a source file selected for cloning was missing.   A more user-friendly message is now added to the log notifying the user.
  • Added ability to create a New Folder when selecting the Source or Target folders.
  • Changed the default folder in Browse For Folders dialog to the Desktop folder.
  • Replaced PickDir.dll with ccrpbds6.dll for the Browse For Folders dialog.  This added the New Folder capability mentioned above.
  • Changed wording of message in status bar when user cancels clone.
  • Changed how log file was stored in memory.  This addresses two issues: An error #14, and a memory leak.
  • Fixed Defect - Running a "selected files" task when Source folder was not available deleted all Target folder files.
  • User is notified via Message Box if there is any problem with Source or Target folder (Drive not ready, Access Denied, etc...) This will only occur when the task has been initiated by the user.  Scheduled tasks will not display message box, but will  log this error.
  • Fixed Defect - Multiple target folders not displaying properly in main window.  (Internal delimeter was showing)
  • Made 'Send To Recycle Bin' the default delete method.
  • Added a new Copy Method which retains the source file create timestamp.  Windows does not retain this information on a file copy. 
  • The prompt to auto-run the task after editing its properties has been eliminated.
  • The prompt to auto-run a new task/duplicate task has been replaced with instructions on how to execute the task manually.
  • New look for toolbar.
  • Task Properties can now be saved even if there is an error with the Source/Target folder(s).
  • Fixed Defect - If a task, which contained an error, was deleted the error icon still displayed in the System Tray.
  • Changed wording of the File menu option Pause Scheduler to make its purpose clearer.
  • Added validation to user-defined custom file masks.
  • Cleaned up some grammatical errors in message box text.
  • FCI files are now saved in a subfolder of the FolderClone folder.  The subfolder is named after the Task List that the task belongs to. This fixes the defect where two tasks with the same name but from different task lists were overwriting each others list of files to clone.
  • Added CRC32 file comparison method.
  • Replaced several routines with STAMINA dll routines.  These are third-party assembly language routines which run much faster than the original routines.
  • Fixed defect where read-only folders on target folder were not being deleted.  Rather than being deleted, the log contained an error #5   Access is Denied.
  • Target folder can now be edited by dbl-clicking on it from the target folders list.
  • Added Safe Copy feature
  • Log Only Errors option added
  • Max log file size extended to 1 Meg
  • Default Reset Size for log file is now 512kb
  • Log file is now reset between task executions.
  • Color coding is automatically disabled by the Log viewer when the contents exceed the log's Reset Size.
  • Enhanced Log Viewer (Find, Clear, Save As, Print)
  • Task window column sizes are now saved.
  • Added option to delay before the execution of the first task after FolderClone is launched.
  • Task names can no longer contain any of the illegal filename characters.  This addresses issue where selected files and folders where not being saved when task names contained illegal characters.  Pre-existing tasks which contain illegal names will be auto-renamed with the illegal characters  replaced with a space.  User will be notified that their selected files and folders need to be reselected.
  • Select Files window now shows all checkmarked files/folders automatically by expanding all of the parent folders leading to the checked item.
  •  Send To Recycle Bin feature. (Three Delete Options now: Delete Permanently, Send to Recycle Bin, & Do Not Delete)
  • File Masks now apply to files in Target folders also.  This allows Orphan files matching the file masks to be deleted from the Target.
  • Added ability to specify the order in which mulitple tasks are executed.
  • Enhanced Include File Masks feature
  • FAT/NTFS Timestamp Issues - Ignore 2 Second Diff option added
  • FAT/NTFS Timestamp Issues - Ignore Daylight Savings Time option added
  • Fixed various strange errors with the Log file and the Selected Files list.  (Wrong flag being sent to the WriteFile API)
  • Fixed Create Dir error that happens when the parent folder of a checked subfolder in the Selected Files list does not exist.
  • Fixed error that happens when source or target folder spec includes a comma
  • Added a Msgbox to explain that scheduled syncs are not run while FC Window is open.
  • Help File expanded
  • Changed Do Not Delete Orphans option default to TRUE
  • fixed defect "Error #91" that occured when the only task in a list was renamed before being run
  • fixed defect where same file/folder appears twice in the FCI file (Include filter)
  • added 'Do Not Delete Orphans' functionality
  • Fixed Next Run defect for tasks which run only on selected days.
  • Fixed system tray icon defect.  When a new task list was loaded, the system tray icon was not changing to reflect the fact that there was or was   not an error in the newly loaded task list.
  • Fixed Next Run defect for overdue tasks
  • Added "Manual" to Next Run display for tasks with a frequency of "Manual Clone"
  • Added Duplicate Selected Task feature
  • Added ability to clone selected files only
  • Removed code numbers from Log file
  • Changed date formatting throughout the application so that it uses local settings
  • Added close button to log window
  • Added help button to log window
  • Added explanatory text to log window - re: the code number
  • Log window not resizeable now
  • Added help button to task properties window
  • Immediate save to task list file on creation of new task, task delete, and task edit (used to occur only on app shutdown)
  • Running Clone Task can now be cancelled using ESC key
  • Changed msg shown in task bar during clone execution
  • Changed task manager priority to Low
  • Changed default window color to dark gray
  • Two toolbar options - Hide & Show
  • Using Mabry OCX for system tray icon
  • Main window can now be minimized into the Taskbar
  • Columns in Task window are sortable by clicking on column header
  • Dates in Task Window are now displayed using regional settings rather than always using MM/DD/YYYY format
  • Task List Name label has different color background then rest of form so users can see that it is not the caption for a toolbar button
1.0.0 10/26/01 This is the virgin release


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